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La Coquille Club
8x10" loose print (# )
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Dick Swanson

La Coquille Club

Location and Year
Manalapan, Florida, USA

Image Description
Men work at the La Coquille Club in Manalapan, Florida, a small beach front community on the Atlantic Ocean.

The is one of Swanson's most well-known photographs. The photo was featured in the October 1986 issue of American Photographer magazine in its review of the exhibition New Developments: Contemporary American Photo Work at the Meisel Gallery in New York. This print features a wider crop of the image.

Camera and Film Format
Olympus SLR camera (35 mm)

Print Type
Gelatin silver print (hand printed)

Print Size and Format
8x10" loose print

Condition Grade and Notes
7/10: minor handling impresssions/marks and dimpling; minor crease upper left corner.


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