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La Coquille Club
8x10" loose print (# ) (stamped/labeled)
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Print ID Number

Dick Swanson

La Coquille Club

Location and Year
Manalapan, Florida, USA

Image Description
Men work at the La Coquille Club in Manalapan, Florida, a small beach front community on the Atlantic Ocean.

The is one of Swanson's most well-known photographs. The photo was featured in the October 1986 issue of American Photographer magazine in its review of the exhibition New Developments: Contemporary American Photo Work at the Meisel Gallery in New York. This print features a wider crop of the image.

Camera and Film Format
Olympus SLR camera (35 mm)

Print Type
Gelatin silver print (hand printed)

Print Size and Format
8x10" loose print (stamped/labeled)

Condition Grade and Notes
7/10: small handling impression/crease lower right corner of image. Exhibition label and photographer's stamp on reverse.


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