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Flies (Diptera)

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Bee Flies

Black Scavenger Flies

Blow Flies

Dance Flies

Dance Flies

Dark-winged Fungus Gnats (Sciaridae)

Druid Flies

Dung Flies

Flesh Flies

Freeloader Flies

Frit Flies

Fruit Flies

Fungus Gnats (Mycetophilidae)

Horse and Deer Flies

House Flies and Kin
(Family Muscidae)

Hybotid Dance Flies

Lance Flies

Large Crane Flies

Lauxaniid Flies

Limoniid Crane Flies

Long-legged Flies

Marsh Flies



Moth and Sand Flies

Mydas Flies

Parasitic Flies

Phantom Crane Flies

Picture-winged Flies

Robber Flies

Root-Maggot Flies

Scuttle Flies

Signal Flies

Snipe Flies

Soldier Flies (Stratiomyidae)

Stiletto Flies

Stilt-legged Flies

Syrphid Flies

Thick-headed Flies

Vinegar Flies


Wood Gnats

Other flies (not yet identified to Family level)




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