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Ermine Moths and Kin (Superfamily Yponomeutoidea)

Tropical Ermine Moths (Family Attevidae)





Flannel, Slug Caterpillar, Leaf Skeletonizer Moths and Kin (Superfamily Zygaenoidea)

Leaf Skeletonizer Moths
(Family Zygaenidae)

Slug Caterpillar Moths (Family Limacodidae)




Geometrid and Swallowtail Moths (Superfamily Geometroidea)

Geometrid Moths (Family Geometridae)

Ennominine Moths
(Subfamily Ennominae)

Larentiinine Moths
(Subfamily Larentiinae)

Sterrhinine Moths (Subfamily Sterrhinae)

Unspecified Geometrid Moths


Owlet Moths and Kin (Superfamily Noctuoidea)

Erebid Moths (Family Erebidae)

Boletobiine Moths
(Subfamily Boletobiinae)

Erebine Moths (Subfamily Erebinae)

Eulepidotine Moths (Subfamily Eulepidotinae)

Litter Moths
(Subfamily Herminiinae)

Pangraptine Moths (Subfamily 

Tiger and Lichen Moths (Subfamily Arctiinae)

Tussock Moths (Subfamily Lymantriinae)




Owlet Moths (Family Noctuidae)

Acronictinine Moths
(Subfamily Acronictinae)

Bird Dropping Moths
(Subfamily Acontiinae)

Cuculliinine Moths (Subfamily Cuculliinae)

Cutworm or Dart Moths (Subfamily Noctuinae)

Eustrotiinine Moths
(Subfamily Eustrotiinae)

Heliothinine Moths
(Subfamily Heliothinae)





Prominent Moths (Family Notodontidae)

Heterocampinine Moths (Subfamily Heterocampinae)





Plume Moths (Superfamily Pterophoroidea)

Plume Moths 
(Family Pterophoridae)





Pyralid and Crambid Snout Moths (Superfamily Pyraloidea)

Crambid Snout Moths (Family Crambidae)

Pyralid Moths
(Family Pyralidae)




Hawk, Sphinx, Silk, Emperor and Allied Moths (Superfamily Bombycoidea)

Emperor, Royal, Moon and Giant Silk Moths
(Family Saturniidae)

Sphinx Moths
(Family Sphingidae)




Tent Caterpillar and Lappet Moths (Superfamily Lasiocampoidea)

Tent Caterpillar and Lappet Moths
(Family Lasiocampidae)





Tortricid Moths (Superfamily Tortricoidea)

Tortricid Moths 
(Family Tortricidae)





Tubeworm, Bagworm and Clothes Moths (Superfamily Tineoidea)

Bagworm Moths
(Family Psychidae)





Unidentified Moths

Unidentified Moth Larvae (Caterpillars)





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