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Flowering Plants

Order Alismatales (Water-plantains, Seagrass and Allies)

Water-plaintain Family (Family Alismataceae)

Arum Family
(Family Araceae)




Order Apiales (Carrots, Ivies and Allies)

Carrot Family
(Family Apiaceae)





Order Asparagales (Agaves, Orchids, Irises and Allies)

Agave and Allies
(Family Asparagaceae)

Amaryllis, Onions and Allies (Family Amaryllidaceae)

(Family Asphodelaceae)

Irises and Allies
(Family Iridaceae)

(Family Orchidaceae)

Order Asterales (Sunflowers, Bellflowers, Fanflowers and Allies)

Sunflowers Daisies Asters and Allies (Family Asteraceae)

Bellflower Family (Family Campanulaceae)




Order Boraginales

Borage Family (Family Boraginaceae)





Order Brassicales (Mustards, Capers and Allies)

Mustard Family (Family Brassicaceae)





Order Caryophyllales (Pinks, Cactuses and Allies)

Cactus Family (Family Cactaceae)

Pink Family (Family Caryophyllaceae)

Sundew Family (Family Droseraceae)

Knotweed Family (Family Polygonaceae)


Order Celastrales (Staff-vines and Allies)

Staff-vine Family (Family Celastraceae)





Order Commelinales (Spiderworts and Allies)

Spiderworts (Family Commelinaceae)





Order Cornales (Dogwoods, Hydrangeas and Allies)

Dogwood Family (Family Cornaceae)





Order Dipsacales (Honeysuckles, Moschatels and Allies)

Elder Family (Family Viburnaceae)





Order Ericales (Heathers, Balsams, Primroses and Allies)

Touch-Me-Not Family (Family Balsaminaceae)

Diapensia Family (Family Diapensiaceae)

Heath Family (Family Ericaceae)

Phlox Family (Family Polemoniaceae)

Pitcher Plant Family (Family Sarraceniaceae)

Order Fabales (Legumes, Milkworts and Allies)

Legumes (Family Fabaceae)





Order Gentianales (Gentians, Dogbanes, Madders and Allies)

Dogbane Family (Family Apocynaceae)

Madder Family (Family Rubiaceae)




Geraniales (Geraniums, Bridal Wreaths and Allies)

Geranium Family
(Family Geraniaceae)





Order Lamiales (Mints, Plantains, Olives and Allies)

Mint Family (Family Lamiaceae)

Bladderwort Family (Family Lentibulariaceae)

Broomrape Family (Family Orobanchaceae)

Plantain Family (Family Plantaginaceae)

Figwort Family (Family Scrophulariaceae)

Verbena Family (Family Verbenaceae)





Order Laurales (Laurels, Spicebushes and Allies)

Spicebush Family
(Family Calycanthaceae)





Order Liliales (Lilies, Supplejacks and Allies)

(Family Melanthiaceae)

(Family Liliaceae)




Order Malpighiales (Nances, Willows and Allies)

Violet Family (Family Violaceae)





Order Magnoliales (Magnolias, Nutmegs and Allies)

Magnolia Family (Family Magnoliaceae)





Order Malvales (Mallows, Rock-roses and Allies)

Mallow and Hibiscus Family (Family Malvaceae)





Order Ranunculales (Buttercups, Poppies and Allies)

Barberry Family (Family Berberidaceae)

Buttercup Family (Family Ranunculaceae)

Poppy Family
(Family Papaveraceae)



Order Rosales (Roses, Elms, Figs and Allies)

Rose Family
(Family Rosacea)





Order Saxifragales (Saxifrages, Stonecrops and Allies)

Saxifrage Family (Family Saxifragaceae)

Stonecrop Family (Family Crassulaceae)




Order Sapindales (Soapberries, Cashews, Mahoganies and Allies)

Cashew Family
(Family Anacardiaceae)

Soapberry Family (Family Sapindaceae)





Pine Family (Family Pinaceae)

Yew Family (Family Taxaceae)





Shieldfern Family (Family Dryopteridaceae)

Other Ferns




Mosses, Liverworts and Hornworts

(Phylum Bryophyta)





Miscellaneous Plants


Unidentified Plants




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