Damselflies of Chicagoland: Photographs by Mark Swanson

Publication year: 2017
Format: Pocketbook with hardcover, 84 pages
Size: 7.75 x 5.75 in.
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Book description

Damselflies of Chicagoland features over one hundred photographs of damselflies taken by Mark Swanson in the Chicago, Illinois, area from 2008 to 2016.

The book provides a pictorial overview of the three damselfly families found in Chicagoland: Broad-winged Damselflies, Narrow-winged (or Pond) Damselflies, and Spreadwings. While the book shows 32 of the approximately 40 damselfly species reported in the area to date, as well as gender, age and color variations, it is not a field guide or complete checklist. Rather, the book is a collection of photographic portraits and behavioral observations of selected individuals.

Through close-up (macro) photography, the images capture moments in the lives of many individual damselflies. Macro photography can provide views of physical details and behaviors not normally apparent to the casual observer. Included are images of damselflies eating, mating, guarding a mate, and laying eggs.

The photos were taken at dozens of locations in Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Lake, McHenry, and Will counties, including North Park Village Nature Center, Bluff Spring Fen Nature Preserve, Emily Oaks Nature Center, Somme Prairie Grove, Heller Nature Center, Spring Creek Valley Forest Preserve, Illinois Beach State Park, Morton Arboretum, Shabbona Lake State Park, Moraine Hills State Park, Volo Bog State Natural Area, Glacial Park Conservation Area, Isle a la Cache Preserve, and many more.

Damselflies of Chicagoland is the fourth volume in the Moments in Nature photo book series.

A nice gift for naturalists of all ages!

"Absolutely stunning"
Evanston RoundTable, June 2017

  • About the Moments in Nature Series
  • Introduction
  • Locations, Technical Information, and Bibliography
  • Broad-winged Damselflies (Calopterygidae)
    • Rubyspots (Hetaerina)
    • Jewelwings (Calopteryx)
  • Narrow-winged (Pond) Damselflies (Coenagrionidae)
    • American Bluets (Enallagma)
    • Dancers (Argia)
    • Forktails (Ischnura)
    • Sprites (Nehalennia)
    • Red Damsels (Amphiagrion)
  • Spreadwings (Lestidae)
    • Pond Spreadwings (Lestes)
  • Index

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