About Swanson Media

Swanson Media is a small media production and publishing company based in North Carolina (USA). Owned and operated by Mark Swanson, the company maintains an archive of photographs and videos specializing in nature/wildlife and social documentary. Most of the photographs are available as fine art prints and most may be licensed. Swanson Media also publishes photo books that draw from the best images in the archive, as well as educational videos for classroom and personal use.

This website also serves as the showcase for the photography of Mark's father, Dick Swanson (1933-2009).

About Mark Swanson

A native of south Florida, Mark Swanson began taking photographs of birds and other animals in 1977 at the age of 14. He received a bachelor’s degree from Davidson College in North Carolina and a master’s degree in radio/television/film from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. He has acted as a director, videographer, and sound recordist for several documentary, instructional, and corporate films and videos. Since 1995 Swanson has worked as an instructional designer, writer, and producer of educational software, online university courses, and e-learning programs for a variety of organizations.

Marsh Rabbit
"Marsh Rabbit" by Mark Swanson