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Sandplay in Psychotherapy: Theory and Practice (DVD)
Written and presented by Leland Roloff, Ph.D.
Produced, directed and edited by Mark Swanson.

Publication year: 2005
Video format: DVD-R (NTSC)?
Total playing time: 40 minutes
Product #: SM-DVD001
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 Video description

Through lecture, demonstration, and case studies, psychoanalyst Dr. Leland Roloff offers an engaging primer on the theoretical basis for sandplay and its use in therapeutic settings. He explores philosophical and phenomenological aspects that sand as well as images in the sand provide.

About the presenter

Leland Roloff, Ph.D., who died in 2015, was a founding member of the Chicago Society of Jungian Analysts, a diplomate psychoanalyst (Emeritus) at the C.G. Jung Institute of Seattle, and Professor Emeritus of Performance Studies at Northwestern University's School of Communication.

Dr. Roloff wrote the award-winning book The Perception and Evocation of Literature, as well as articles in literature and poetry therapy, and the psychology of performance.

"[Roloff provides an] elegant demonstration of the experience of observing the relational interplay and dynamic quality of images in the sand."

— Frank Adair, member Sandplay Therapists of America and International Society for Sandplay Therapy

"A very instructive film. I recommend it to one and all."

— Murray Stein, Ph.D., author of the best-selling book In Midlife, and past president of the International Association for Analytical Psychology

  • Introduction to Sandplay Theory
    Importance of play and the imagination; the sandtray as tool for communicating psychological content.
  • Using Sandplay in Psychotherapy
    Sandplay/sandtray pioneers Margaret Lowenfeld and Dora Kalff; sandtray as representation of the Self. Case Study #1.
  • Understanding a Sandtray
    Telling personal stories through sandtray; psychological symbolism of the sandtray space and objects; transformation and transformative objects. Case Study #2.
  • Tour of a Sandtray Room
    Types of objects used for sandplay/sandtray.